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Hi athletes, welcome to Croffit Calisthenics Equipment!

I'm Bèrimah Croffie (yes, that's why the name is 'Croffit'😉). Since 2019 I've combined my hobbies (technique and calisthenics/street workout) and started making calisthenics equipment.

This begun with building wooden parallettes in my shed at home and in the meantime this has grown into many different products and projects from a beautiful workshop in Middelburg.

The first Croffit calisthenics park has also been built here, where a number of athletes and I can train and test the products extensively. In this way, the quality remains high and any points for improvement are found more quickly.


Feel free to take a look at the products. The range of handmade calisthenics equipment will certainly continue to expand in the coming period. The list of ideas and plans that still need to be implemented is huge and continues to grow😁


You are also at the right place for customized products! What about a pull-up bar in the style of your interior for example. Or your own calisthenics park in your garden!?

Feel free to contact me to discuss your wishes and maybe you will soon perform your calisthenics exercises in your own personalized home gym!

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